Animal House

The BIONAND Animal Experimentation Service is a research support service that aims to house experimental animals, and provide the facilities, materials, equipment and expertise needed to conduct pre-clinical trials based on the technologies and products developed in Centre from both research groups and companies.

The BIONAND Animal Facility has been approved by Andalusian Regional Office for Agriculture and Fishery since 2012. The Facility is located on the ground floor of the Andalusian Centre for Nanomedicine and Biotechnology, BIONAND. It occupies an area of ​​120m2, and can accommodate up to 280 rats and 1400 mice, with the possibility of expanding this capacity in the future.


  • Rat and mouse housing.
  • Centralized provision of animal diets, hair removal, sawdust, cages, racks, bottles, etc.
  • Provision of special diets for certain physiological or pathological experiments.
  • Special biological waste management.
  • Care and maintenance of animals in special conditions (temperature, light, humidity, sterile environment, etc.) throughout the duration of the experiments that require it.
  • Advice on animal handling, administration routes, sampling, types of animals to be used in a particular experiment, etc.

Facilities and Equipment

    The service offers: quarantine room, rat housing, two rooms for mouse housing, all equipped with modern microisolators, a ventilated operating room, storage and a laundry room.

    The Animal House has the following equipment:

  • 4 Tecniplast Smartflow Air Handling Units
  • 7 Tecniplast Microisolated Racks
  • Systec DB 200 Steam sterilizer
  • Culture hood
  • Tecniplast CS5 EVO Changing station.
  • Cibertec CA-EAC20 Inhalation anesthesia equipment, Cibertec CA-AG1000 aspiration and filtering system, CA-CIS4 induction box, CA-MRS4 mask with surgery table and stereotaxic mask.
  • Aeroturbex hydrogen peroxide decontamination system.
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