Cutting/Grinding-based Histological Sectioning

This technique is recommended for obtaining histological samples from hard tissues or other materials unsuitable for sectioning by routine methods, e.g. undecalcified bone tissue, metallic or ceramic biomaterials, or samples that combine hard and soft components. With the EXAKT system, 10-15 µm slides can be made, without disrupting the interface between areas of different hardnesses.

The EXAKT system consists of a diamond-coated band-saw and an automated grinder. Parallel cutting of the samples is controlled by a precision device used in conjunction with the band-saw system. This allows the sample to be fixed in a clamp unit or on a vacuum plate and guided in parallel to the cutting direction. The optional use of a step-motor allows the immobilized sample to oscillate in an arc-like motion, minimizing contact between the cutting band and the sample. The constant feed force used by the system ensures low friction, helping to maintain sample integrity. Finally, the samples are polished on a grinding system that uses abrasive papers and films to prepare the required 10-15 µm slides with an accuracy of ± 1.5 µm. These slides can then be used for conventional optical microscopy visualization.

Laboratory equipment:

  • EXAKT 510 - Dehydration and Infiltration System
  • EXAKT 520 - Light Polymerization Unit
  • EXAKT 530 - Re-Infiltration Unit
  • EXAKT 401 - Vacuum Adhesive Press
  • EXAKT 402 - Precision Adhesive Press
  • EXAKT 300 - CL-CP Band System
  • EXAKT 400 - Grinding System

The unit offers:

  • Processing and fixation of fresh samples.
  • Dehydration, plastic infiltration and polymerization.
  • Cutting of blocks to obtain surfaces of interest.
  • Block grinding.