Unidad de Cultivos Celulares

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Over the past few decades, the continuous culture of eukaryotic cells has become a mainstay technique in many different forms of biological, biochemical, and biomedical experimentation, and Bionand houses purpose-built facilities for this type of work.

The Cell Culture Unit in Bionand comprises several state-of-the-art, self-contained cell culture facilities with all equipment required for the growth, maintenance, and analysis of mammalian cells. These facilities include two independent rooms dedicated to the sterile handling of cells belonging to biohazard risk groups 1 and 2 (containment level 1). These rooms are equipped, respectively, with 8 and 4 laminar flow hoods and with 4 and 2 CO2 incubators. They also house phase-contrast, fluorescence, standard bright-field microscopes, water-baths, centrifuges and cell counters, as well as appropriate bench and storage (4°C and -20°C) space.

The Unit also houses one room dedicated to work with cells and/or infectious agents belonging to biohazard group 3 (containment level 2). This area includes one biohazard laminar flow hood, one CO2 incubator, one centrifuge, and appropriate working and storage space. All these working areas are maintained under negative pressure.

Besides the areas described above, and to avoid the contamination of samples with pathogens, the Unit also comprises a quarantine room. This area, equipped with one laminar flow hood and one CO2 incubator, is dedicated to the temporary maintenance of any new incoming cells, until the presence of any possible pathogen (i.e. mycoplasm) in these samples is appropriately discarded.

Finally, the Cell Culture Unit in Bionand also encompasses a cryopreservation room equipped with three liquid nitrogen tanks that provide storage space form more than 12,000 frozen samples.