Nikon Eclipse Ti Fluorescence Microscope

The Nikon Eclipse Ti Fluorescence Microscope is a high quality fluorescence microscope suitable for routine imaging and time-lapse experiments. The fully motorised inverted microscope is equipped with an OKOLAB H101 stage-top incubator with CO2, temperature and humidity control designed for imaging live cultured cells. High quality fluorescence images can be obtained with the Nikon Plan Apo 60x 1.4NA oil immersion objective. The Perfect Focus System (PFS) automatically corrects for drift and aids stability during long term imaging. Its motorised xy stage is capable performed multi-position experiments with standard cell culture chambers and 96 well plates. Currently we have filter sets for GFP, DAPI and TRITC, using a 130w mercury lamp as fluorescent light source. Finally, image capture is performed by a sensitive monochrome Hamamatsu Orca R2 CCD camera with active cooling.


  • Inverted Nikon Ti Eclipse fully motorised microscope.
  • Hamamatsu Orca R2 monochrome 1.3 MP CCD camera
  • Okolab H101 stage-top incubator with temperature, humidity and CO2 control.
  • Objective lenses:
    • Plan Apo Oil immersion: 60x (1.4 NA)
    • Super Plan Fluor 40x (0.6 NA) Extra long working distance (2.8-3.6mm)
    • Plan Apo 10x (0.45 NA).
  • Nikon Intensilight 130w Mercury Lamp
  • Filter sets for DAPI, GFP, TRITC
  • Nikon PFS (Perfect Focus System) for improved stability

Helpful information

  • Open Nikon Nd2 files with Fiji or ImageJ and the Bioformats plugin. Also available to local users via in the GGI Software folder on the intranet.

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