Leica SP5 HyD Confocal Microscope

The Leica SP5 HyD Confocal covers a broad range of requirements and applications in confocal imaging including immunofluorescence, live imaging, photoactivation, FRET and FRAP. The SP5 spectral detection system allows for the simultaneous detection of up to five fluorescence channels, which can be adjusted dynamically in real time, making it easy to adapt to different combinations of fluorescent markers.

The Leica SP5 HyD Confocal is also equipped with a high-speed resonant scanner capable of scanning up to 16000 lines per second, equivalent to ~28 frames per second @ 512 x 512 pixels. The system includes two of the latest HyD hybrid detectors from Leica, which dramatically improve sensitivity, contrast and image quality compared to standard confocal PMT detectors. This makes it possible to visualise samples with weaker fluorescence, such as yeast or bacteria, that have historically been very difficult to image by confocal microscopy. HyD detectors are especially useful for live imaging where researchers usually have to sacrifice image quality in order to use less laser power and avoid photobleaching or damaging their sample.


  • Inverted Leica DMI 6000 fully motorised microscope.
  • Confocal detectors: 2 x HyD, 3 x PMT + 1 transmitted light detector.
  • Tandem Scanner – HQ conventional scanner and high-speed Resonant scanner (28 frames/sec @ 512 x 512)
  • AOBS (Acousto-Optical beam splitter) – brighter and more flexible than conventional beam splitters.
  • Optical zoom up to 64x (maximum resolution is dependent on the objective used).
  • Choice of objectives:
    • Plan Apo Oil immersion: 100x (1.4 NA), 63x (1.4 NA Blue), 40x (1.3 NA)
    • Plan Apo 20x (0.7 NA) multi-immersion (water, glycerol, oil) 0.26mm WD
    • Plan Apo 10x (0.4 NA) dry.
  • 9 Laser lines in the visible range:
    • Violet 405nm (50mW), Blue Argon 458nm, 476nm, 488nm, 496nm, 514nm (65mW) Green DPSS 561nm (20mW), Orange HeNe 594nm (2mW), Red HeNe 633nm.
  • Microscope enclosure with temperature, humidity and CO2 control.
  • High precision Super Z motorized stage with multi-point and multi-tile software control. 3nm resolution galvometric z-axis control.


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