Bruker In Vivo Xtreme

The In-Vivo Xtreme is a multi-modal optical and X-ray small animal imaging system, designed to combine sensitivity, speed and flexibility for the broadest range of applications for molecular imaging. Equipped with a high performance f/1.3 58mm lens and 4MP back-illuminated CCD camera, the In Vivo Xtreme is suitable for demanding bio-luminescence and fluorescence intravital imaging challenges.

Fluorescence and Bioluminence detection

The In Vivo Xtreme combines its sensitive camera with a high performance optic system comprising a powerful 400W xenon light source, 28 excitation filters from 410nm to 750nm and 6 wide angle high sensitivity emission filters up to 830nm. The In Vivo Xtreme includes Spectral deconvolution software, which allows overlapping fluorescence signals and auto-fluorescence to be separated by analysing emissions from multiple excitation wavelengths. Adjustments to the optical system such as changing magnification and focusing are done without moving the animal. Up to 5 animals can be maintained optimal conditions with integrated anaesthesia and temperature control.

Multimodal Animal Rotation System (MARS)

The Multimodal Animal Rotation System (MARS) is designed to image your animals with 360° coverage and guarantee identification of the optimal viewing angle. MARS automatically rotates a mouse to the desired angle or angles to capture all relevant molecular and anatomical information. MARS rotation software enables automatic co-registration and visualization of multimodal and multispectral data sets. MARS increases sensitivity by quantifying the perfect image or simply export an entire rotation movie.



  • Back illuminated 4 MP camera
    (Luminescence Sensitivity <50 photons/sec/cm2/sr).
  • f/1.1 – f/16, 58 mm fixed lens (on movable platform).
  • 400W Xenon Light Source.
  • 28 Excitation Filters 410 nm – 760 nm.
  • Fluorescent imaging from the visible to near IR.
  • Imaging chamber for up to five mice at a time with
    integrated anaesthesia and temperature control.
  • Automated switching between modalities – the animal
    never moves
  • Animal transport to Albira CT and MRI
  • Multimodal Animal Rotation System (MARS)


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