Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDP Cell Sorter

MoFlo XDP combines historic sorting reliability with cutting edge engineering and proven performance. The open architecture of the instrument enables configuration modularity to meet the diverse sorting applications. The optical bench can accommodate any laser used in Flow Cytometry. Improved light detection and filter designs provide the sensitivity required of a sorter. The unmatched electronics ensure you identify and accurately sort each cell of interest at higher sort speeds. Accelerating cell sorting research with the first true 32-bit-high resolution 5-decade multi-channel digital system enables accurate sorting of rare events and stem cells. Critical for stable droplet formation required in sorting, the MoFlo XDP fluidic design is robust and proven. Whether performing long sorts or additional precision is required for sorting into 1536-well plates, the stable fluidics of the MoFlo XDP will facilitate your needs. Combined with the inherent flexibility, digital processing, and fluidic stability; the intuitive software and Touch Screen Control Panel make the set up time on a MoFlo XDP quick and easy, leaving more time for sorting critical samples. The Bionand MoFlo system is currently equipped with blue (488nm/200mW) and red (642nm/100mW) lasers suitable for most common fluorescent markers including FITC, eGFP, PE, PerCP, PC5, PC5.5, PC7, Alexa 633, Alexa 647, Alexa 700, APC and APC-Cy7.

Efficient Four-way Separation Technology

The patented 4WAY Sort system is standard on the MoFlo XDP high-performance cell sorter. Researchers can sort more subsets faster and with higher viability, maximizing the sample’s purity and increasing productivity. Based on unlimited Boolean gate logic, the patented 4WAY Sort system enables operators to define up to four unique populations of interest (Figure 1). Increase productivity and save precious sample volume with simultaneous sorting of four populations. Accommodate a variety of standard tube sizes and cuvettes. Manipulate charging for optimal droplet separation and maximum purity. Routinely switch between 2WAY and 4WAY sorting modes. 4WAY Sort rates are not compromised by increased complexity of boolean gating logic. Collection Tube Sizes 1.5 mL, 5 mL, 7 mL, Maximum Cells per Second 70,000. Maximum Droplet Formation Rate 200,000 drops per second. Instrument Compatibility SmartSampler, IntelliSort.

XDP CyClone individual cell separation

Increase productivity with high-speed, high-precision cell deposition into any multi-well plate or slide format you choose. The CyClone enables accurate cell deposition with the MoFlo XDP high-performance cell sorter. CyClone’s precise positioning allows single cells to be sorted into standard or specialized plates and onto slides for your customized sort profiles. Stable fluidics combined with the CyClone performance specifications; enable sorting into 1536-well plates on the MoFlo XDP. CyClone sets the bar for performance, versatility and speed. From a one percent starting target population, CyClone can execute single cell deposition into a 96-well plate in less than 50 seconds with 99.9 percent purity. The CyClone arm enables single cell sorting into 1536-well plates and onto the smaller surface area of a slide. This ensures the more common 96-well and 384-well plate sorting to be more precise. Purity greater than 99.9 percent. Single cell accuracy is assured with a proprietary algorithm for “one-and one only” cell deposition. Deposition positioning accuracy of ± 43.541 µm on the y-axis and ±126.27 µm the x-axis. Well-to-well position speed of 10 cm per second. The retractable arm makes the switch between cloning and traditional tube sorting fast and easy.


  • Validated for 70,000 sorts per second with > 99% purity at all data rates
  • Proven 4-Way Sort for multiple population sorting
  • Independent control of each stream via touch screen control panel
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