Beckman Coulter Gallios Flow Cytometer

The Beckman Coulter Gallios is an advanced flow cytometer for analysing the size, complexity and fluorescence properties of particles (typically cells). Bionand offers access to a 3-laser Gallios system equipped with blue (488nm), red (638nm) and violet (405mm) solid state lasers. The system is capable of detecting 10 different fluorescent markers simultaneously and has an advanced optical design for enhanced sensitivity multi-colour assays. Easily interchangeable optical filters facilitate detection of a wide variety of dyes and wavelengths and an innovative forward-scatter detector enables superior size-based resolution of submicron particles (down to ~400nm). Gallios incorporates an 24-sample carousel and vortexer to aid automated sample analysis.

Kaluza cytometry analysis software

Bionand offers access to the Kaluza cytometry analysis package to complement the Gallios system. Kaluza is designed to efficiently and quickly analyse multi-color, multiparametric data, with real-time updating of display and statistics. Its speed and ease of use makes the analysis of even very large data a fast and painless process. Kaluza features new tools that simplify the management of multiple data sets, allows the visualization of high-content data in different spatial dimensions on a single plot and provides real-time analysis of high content flow cytometry files. The interface includes automatic plot organization, a zoom in/out feature to enhance data exploration and auto-layout. The software works with the majority of FCS-compliant files. Bionand offers dedicated high-end workstations for data processing pre-installed with Kaluza. In addition, researchers in Bionand have access to a 5-user floating network license for Kaluza on laboratory PCs.


  • Solid State Diode Lasers: Blue 488nm (22mW), Red 638nm (25mW), Violet 405 (40mW).
  • 10 independent fluorescence channels with easily interchangeable optical filters.
  • Suitable for common fluorescence markers including: FITC, PE, ECD, PC5, PC5.5, PE-Cy7.
  • 125μm spatially separated beam spots.
  • Gel coupled 1.2 NA optical collection lens.
  • Forward scatter detector with adjustable collection angle for sub-micron, small and large particles sizes.
  • Side scatter detector with Independently focused high performance photodiode and electronic attenuation.
  • Five different signals available from each detector: Integral linear and logarithmic, Peak linear and logarithmic and True Time of Flight linear Time, Ratio.
  • User selectable flow rates (Low, Medium and High).
  • 24-tube multi-loader carousel with integrated vortexer
  • Permits analysis of up to 88 tubes an hour at 10,000 events per second.


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